Breaking new ground in Genetic Medicine.

Gene therapy for
the world's most devastating diseases

“We aim to revolutionize human health therapeutics by applying the science of gene therapy to treat and cure some of the world’s most devastating genetic and acquired diseases”


Our Story

Founded with a new vision for gene therapy

LEXEO Therapeutics is a New York City based clinical stage gene therapy biotechnology company with a focus on hereditary and acquired diseases of high unmet need.  Founded in 2018 based on 25 years of research at a leading scientific institution, LEXEO's investigational therapies have the potential to offer gene therapy based treatments to address many diseases that have eluded today's existing drug delivery platforms.  Our mission at LEXEO is to lead the field of gene therapy as a fully integrated biotechnology company; discovering, developing and delivering treatments and cures to some of today's most devastating diseases

What We Do

The possibilities are endless

Our Story

To transfer therapeutic genes, LEXEO Therapeutics utilizes adeno-associated viruses (AAV) that have been engineered to transfer genes to patients.  LEXEO's Therapeutics investigational treatments include gene therapies primarily in the early clinical and late pre-clinical stages of research and development.  

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We Are Ready to Bring
Transformational Science to the
Challenges of Today's Diseases.